At one time, the ancient town of Jingnan, a new tourist attraction, was booming for several years, but people in such a miserable world could hardly eat, and who would have the mind to travel? Therefore, no tourists in such a big town could see it.

Although it is located in a remote ancient town, it has not been attacked by the phantom clan, but the police and the military system also received the first-class combat readiness and martial law instructions from the imperial government early in the morning. Moreover, through private pipelines, the ancient town power department must have heard about it. Jia Weiya and other people did not carry luggage. Anyway, they didn’t look like those who were determined to enjoy a pair of tourists’ spotless clothes on their deathbed. Their ruddy faces also said that these two women and one man didn’t flee from other places. Can it not arouse suspicion?
If someone dares to yell at Wei Ya like this elsewhere, it is estimated that someone will be in great trouble soon. However, since this time I am going back to my hometown and I am not close to my hometown, I always have to look at the Buddha’s face without looking at the monk’s face. So Wei Ya gave a bright smile and said before taking the initiative
"oh! Don’t get me wrong, we are not tourists, they are accompanying me back to worship my ancestors. "
The police officer, who assumed a business-like appearance, immediately looked at people with big feet and big feet, and then said a little suspiciously
"ancestor worship! You are Wei family! "
The Wei family is the only one who lives in the ancient town. Although the people who moved to the ancient town after 6 years account for the majority of the current population, their ancestral graves and ancestral halls are not in the ancient town. Naturally, it is impossible for anyone to come all the way here to worship their ancestors. When it comes to ancestor worship, the dutiful police officer immediately thinks that he is a descendant of the Wei family
Hear the police officer asked Wei Ya smile more brilliant said
"Ha ha ha ha yeah! My nickname is Qi Ya. When I was a child, I lived in town for almost ten years. There should be many people who know me. "
Has been a black-faced police officer at the moment smell suddenly opened his mouth with incredible expression in his eyes, followed him with both hands and grabbed Wei Ya shoulder and shook it hard and cried with surprise.
"ah! You are the fourth uncle’s old seven, alas! I haven’t been back for so many years, but I want to die! "
"well! And you are? "
As soon as I arrived at my hometown, it was really a happy event to meet my relatives immediately. To be honest, this kind of over-enthusiastic welcome also made Wei Ya somewhat uncomfortable. He was not comfortable even talking. The police officer didn’t care about this detail and continued to grin and say
"Ha ha ha ha, you really don’t remember, I am your second cousin Mangniu. Come on, go home with me! These two are … "
I was excited there for half a day, and finally my cousin’s police officer remembered to enjoy this scene next to me. Two women looked at Xu Keer and Yin Qianhui Wei Ya and scratched their heads and stammered.
"oh! They are my friends! "
Cars, boats, shops, feet, and yams have been in contact with people the most since ancient times. Wei Ya’s views are the most vicious. Although there are many untrue statements, this second cousin has a little fault, but he also gives him an understandable ambiguous smile that everyone is a man, and then waves his hand and says happily.
"ah! Since they are all our own, let’s come together! "
In order to keep the best original ecology, Wei Ya, an old building with a history of hundreds of years, did not move after earning money. Her family of four still continued to live in the alley. She left the antique old house and walked into the deja vu old house. Wei Ya did not give birth to a few regrets. Before he could sigh and express his feelings, he was drunk at the second cousin’s table with guests Xu Keer and Yin Qianhui, and she could also eat at the same table with her second cousin’s wife and children.
"First come first! It’s been so many years in a blink of an eye. Do you think it’s not peaceful to go back to your hometown to hide? Don’t worry, our place is very safe, except that a few wild boars slipped from the mountain two days ago to harm crops and let us organize people to be snapped up. Nothing has happened in town! Recently, the news has also been flying all over the sky. Who knows if it is true or not? I remember that Fourth Uncle took you to Binhai. I heard that something serious happened there a while ago! "
The concept of clan in the ancient town is very strong, otherwise Wei Ya wouldn’t have come back specially to worship his ancestors before the words came to soar. His second cousin grew up in the same cultural atmosphere, and he especially valued his brother. His speech was very important. The topic of Wei Ya’s recent situation turned to the coastal disaster situation, and Wei Ya finally couldn’t help but smile.
Although the Chinese empire is big, it will be really difficult to find a few people who know more about the cause and effect of this disaster than he does. It will be too complicated to simply filter the information in your mind, and Wei Ya said lightly
"I’m lucky that almost millions of people have died. It’s nothing."
"My mother! Is it really that powerful? You’re not fooling my second brother, are you? "
Wei Ya’s tone of speech is relaxed, but there is no joke meaning. Because of this, the more my second cousin feels that the fact is creepy, he can’t help but ask, although his words are questioned, Wei Ya is not angry, so he immediately smiled calmly and continued
"Of course, it’s true. Blocking the outside world can’t hide from people! Binhai is much more peaceful now, but the world is not quiet outside! "
The atmosphere of the wine table was depressed, and a chill hit behind it. My second cousin was silent for a long time and sighed after drinking several cups of old wine.
"alas! Forget it, it’s better for people to live well than anything else. What’s the taste of corn brewing in our hometown? Remember that you were too young when you left, and you probably grew up so big that you never tasted our own wine! Come and taste the flavor of our hometown! "
The 19th volume Section 9 Hometown Hermit
Life will die at the end of the century! He who sees through the puzzle of life and death is interested in the fact that the yogi must face up to the basic requirements. Wei Ya naturally won’t have a long-term change in life and death. He immediately raised his glass to drink the old wine and savored it. Lang laughed
"Good wine! Second brother, when did you become a policeman? Why don’t I remember this? "
When Wei Ya’s family moved out of the ancient town, it was still a very ordinary southern village with a permanent population of only 5 thousand. In that police station with a pitiful formal staffing, there were a dozen people, including the director and the old janitor, who wanted to get in and eat the imperial salary, but it was an extremely difficult task.
To this pile of life, there are few things to be proud of, and my second cousin’s mood is also very excited and said
"Ha ha ha ha to say it has been more than ten years, I’m not helping the station caught two wanted men! Then I was approved for special skills, and then I became a full member, that is, two years after your family just moved out! Speaking of this, why didn’t your parents come back together this time? Do they … "
As the word "parents" poured into the ears, Wei Ya’s face was a little gloomy and said
"Well … I don’t know if they are living like this now. Since their divorce, I’ve come out alone to work in the society and finally haven’t starved to death."
Honest officials can’t break family affairs! My second cousin, who has been dealing with people in the police for many years, naturally recognized Wei Ya’s unfinished words. He was just about to say something when suddenly there was a loud cry, and then he heard the noise and the neighbors were as busy as ants who bombed me.

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