A secret branch of Southwest Wudu Sect.
I took off my clothes and sat cross-legged.
Ping Yizhi said behind him with a silver needle in his hand, "Leader, why don’t you consider one? Belong to this forbidden art, although it can suppress the hierarch, your injury can also make your martial arts go up a storey still higher, but it needs to consume your life. After a year, the hierarch’s body will be crushed and the injury will completely erupt … Maybe … "
I closed my eyes and snorted. "Maybe what? Maybe the leader will die suddenly, right? Ping Yizhi, don’t worry, the leader has a star-sucking solution to absorb Dong Fangbubai’s work. I’m sure I can escape this death. I can’t take revenge. I can’t take back the leader. What’s the point of the leader living? Take back the hierarch, and the hierarch must dismember the body of Chen Yan, and the master will die if he doesn’t follow the instructions. "
Ping Yizhi sighed and said, "Master, I’ll take the needle. It may be very painful and hard. I hope the master can hold back."
Our bank said, "What kind of suffering has the leader not suffered? It’s really annoying to give the needle quickly and don’t be a mother-in-law. "
Ping Yizhi’s eyes became focused, and the silver needle in his hand suddenly pierced the big hole in our back. We didn’t feel any pain, but with more and more silver needles pierced by Ping Yizhi, our body trembled.
I feel more and more pain in my bone marrow.
If he hadn’t been determined, he would have yelled and fainted.
This kind of pain is like falling into ten hell, which makes people wish they were dead.
My skin is burning, and the tendons and blood vessels in my skin swell like worms crawling, which is terrible.
Two hours later, Ping Yizhi pierced the last silver needle.
The original white hair of our bank has turned into silvery white.
We opened our eyes and got up and laughed. "Haha, the master’s injury has finally healed and his skill has increased greatly! Dong Fangbubai doing you two to the old waiting for the old will you dismembered ten thousand pieces "
The injury was suppressed, and the skill was greatly increased. Our bank created an illusion of its own natural enemies.
However, Ping Yizhi knew that our bank had overdrawn its physical vitality in exchange for its skills. This "dead light" state of our bank can last for a year. After a year, even if we don’t die, our bank will have half a life and become a complete life.
By that time, our generation of lean men will be completely over, of course, if we can live to that time.
Yingying and Ling Huchong heard our laugh and hurried over.
They were stunned when they saw the state of our bank.
Ying ying asked, "dad, are you well?" And how your hair is all white. "
Ling Huchong asked doubtfully, "What are you, senior?"
Our bank laughed. "Ping Yizhi cured the old man and enhanced his skill. At this moment, the old man is no longer afraid of the traitor Dong Fangbubai and the eagle dog Ulrich."
Yingying shook her head and said, "It’s impossible for this world to have no such medical skill. Even Bian Que Huatuo’s rebirth can’t make dad recover from your injury in one day, and it’s even more impossible for you to greatly increase your skill. Medical skill is not magic."
When Yingying followed Chen Yan to learn martial arts, Chen Yan often told her and Qu Feiyan that practicing martial arts is to strengthen the body and strengthen the spirit. At the moment, the state seems strong, but the hair is white and the eyes are bloodshot. This is because the spirit is consumed too much.
What is the spirit?
Is vitality.
It will be short-lived to consume too much energy.
Ying ying kept staring at Ping Yizhi and asked coldly, "What’s going on in Ping Yizhi? Why are you hurting my father? "
Yingying has no idea of the real situation. She bombed Ping Yizhi.
Ping Yizhi bowed his head and explained the situation to our bank and Ling Huchong in detail. Finally, he said, "Saint Hu Ling’s patriarch is eager to take revenge and must enhance his skill. There is no way for him to maintain his status for one year at this time."
Yingying yelled with tears in her eyes and asked, "What about a year later?"
Our bank said, "Well, Yingying, it’s not Ping Yizhi’s fault. Dad asked him to do this. When Dad’s Blackwood Cliff sucks Dong Fangbubai’s whole body, he can definitely suppress the injury and not let it break out."
Ying ying said with tears, "dad, is this bitter for you?" It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years. What if we wait a few more years? But you really worry your daughter now. "
We do everything possible to enhance our skills and regain the position of leader, and we will not hesitate to overdraw our vitality to achieve our goal.
Chen Yan is to add a little life to Huashan and Wudang.
Everyone is different. I am a real lean man. Chen Yan is a firm yogi.
If Chen Yan knows what our bank is doing, he will even say "Pei" with his thumb up.
I can do it. It’s not practicing, it’s playing hard.

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