To this, Dong Fengling naturally thinks that coke is Yunshi’s. It seems that Dong Han Xiao has been very spoiled. If it were not for the two sisters of Linglan, they would be afraid that Xiao Si would have grown crooked.

Dong Yuling always keeps an eye on Lian Yan Jing’s news. As soon as there is progress, the world will come to inform her of the situation, which makes her feel extremely flattered and considerate … It’s so thoughtful.
I don’t know all the feelings and praises of Dong Yongling, but the families still draw lots to decide who will deliver the message to Dong Yongling every time.
It’s not that this group is idle, but that everyone is full of awe and curiosity about Dong Yuling’s reality.
It turns out that they all know that there is such a number of people, but no one has ever seen their owners, and nothing has happened. This has made the family anxious for a long time and has been calm and forgotten.
But all of a sudden, this man jumped out, and the Lord gave the world order to others, and I heard that this girl’s medical skill is excellent, and it is likely that she has a way to treat the main disease. All the genus can’t stand it, and she always wants to meet Dong Yuling earlier, which is likely to leave a good impression in front of the future princess girl.
However, the families are still very reasonable to know that they must not startle the main event. This kind of opportunity to deliver news is that everyone is rushing to work, and generally they will not ask questions.
Don’t say don’t at least let all the subordinates meet. You can’t let the flood wash away the Longwang Temple. You made a lion in your den when you were doing things on weekdays.
The direct result of this is that Dong Yuling feels that the world is too busy, even his family is too busy to touch their feet. Every time he comes to deliver the message, he has never seen the same person for the second time …
"You mean this case is going to be tried?" Dong Yuling looked at the girl in blue in front of her. It seemed that the girl in blue was the one who was around when the temple stole a glimpse of the world and almost fell.
"It is the Lord’s intention to judge Dong Gu’s second brother first, and he was implicated by Koo to strive for an early return of these people’s innocence so that they can go to jail." If Lan blinked, she suddenly found out that she had actually seen Dong Yuling, who was still chasing the Lord when the national temple passed by!
It can be seen that her luck has not been very good. Jidu waited for others to turn around and almost didn’t draw lots before it was her turn to go out. The news behind this is more important, which makes Ruolan feel a lot of comfort.
"Is the evidence available?" Dong Yong’s soul also guessed how many capable maids there are around the world? This kind of news is a relatively hidden matter, and it is not believed that close people will definitely not come over.
But she’s met a lot of girls these days, and she’s finished recognizing the seven colors of the rainbow. Is there him?
Ciguo Temple tasted some green craftsmanship. Yesterday, it was purple. The day before yesterday, it was yellow. Earlier, if it was red, if it was orange, if it was green, it would be blue. Today, it just made up seven colors of the rainbow.
But don’t aristocratic maids usually have even numbers? And if what color?
Fusheng Yu and the floating clouds also sent a message to Dong Yuling. Later, when she met others, she realized that the name of this world was too casual or the knowledge was too good to be so profound!
It turns out that although floating life and floating clouds are both "floating", there is nothing to do, which is purely a so-called hodgepodge named after the world.
"All day long, I was drunk and dreamy, and I tried my best to climb the mountain. I was stolen for half a day because I passed the bamboo courtyard and talked to monks."
This is the origin of floating life and the end of spring
"Ten Years of Running Water in since we left one another, floating apart like clouds"
This is the origin of floating clouds and fleeting time
So Dong Fengling deeply felt that these two poems would be so complicated and profound if he didn’t happen to see them when he named them.
See how easy it is for those maids to remember in rainbow order?
Don’t ask how these famous poems of past lives came into being. How can there be so many plagiarism after passing through the predecessors? Good verses have become famous as time goes by.
It’s just that it’s harder to cross the compatriots later. Don’t plagiarize it casually, or you can’t escape the reputation evaluation if you crash.
"The evidence that he is okay is that Feng Ze’s side almost proved to be false because of his many words, but lies are lies. The main idea is to prepare for direct trial. Maybe the on-site confrontation can seize the loopholes in Feng Ze’s words and prove that he lied and let others get innocent." If Lan speaks very carefully, he is afraid that Dong Yuling will not understand.
It’s not that I’m anxious for Dong Yuling’s IQ, but I can’t delay the main account.
"Oh!" Dong Fengling nodded. "When is the trial? Do you need a lawyer? "
In ancient times, there were lawyers, commonly known as lawyers, who went to the dynasty to be teachers. It was not a particularly popular industry, but the Shenglian Dynasty gave this profession great dignity, not only requiring fame but also enjoying nine official salaries.
In this era, teachers are very popular and talented. Generally, there is nothing to do to pass the qualification examination and become an official recognition class.
Of course, no matter what profession there is, there are officials and people. Even a matchmaker has official media.
But usually, the official lawyer can’t afford it, and the asking price is definitely different.
"The first trial is three days later!" If Lan thinks that this girl is much better served than the Lord, what she says is completely clear, although she really shouldn’t condescend to the Lord from the bottom of her heart. "The Lord thinks that the girl can go to the meeting and the judge may be of great help to the case."
"Will … He Shen?" Dong Yuling dumbfounded is a famous name. Of course, that’s her. past lives didn’t note this. I really don’t know.
But the world is specialized and should be quite well-known
"Yes, it will be tried and tried." If the blue looks strange, Dong Yuling’s eyes are bright and not white. This name reminds her of something meaningful.
"…" Dong Yuling deeply felt how much this family wanted children to become teachers? The name is so obvious? And the last name will feel less.
Seeing that Dong Yuling didn’t know much about Ruolan, he quickly explained that "the master of the Hui family is almost the largest master of the dynasty, and the master of the Hui family and the jury is the highest achievement of this generation. The first emperor once sealed his golden master."
Gold master? Dong Yuling’s head is covered with black lines. She really doesn’t understand the official position and some titles of Shenglian Dynasty. Because the sage of the country crossed many titles, it is simply inexplicable.
Not to mention the imperial department, there are many award titles, and Wuhuamen is a combination of N dynasties in previous lives, which makes people feel messy.
Look at this gold? What the hell is it? Isn’t it a network word in past lives? Instead, it has become a formal identification word.
What Dong Yong-ling found most confusing was that the official media called Shenglian Dynasty, but the official media didn’t have his noun, but the official media had a more elegant name-Iceman.

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