Xiong nodded. "But it was very good for Yan Ying to live in that hospital before. She has already left that place and is waiting for you to live there."

Ulrich hesitated to nod, "Good Wang excused himself."
Chen Yan rarely changes a few things for laundry, and records some experiences of practice. You can leave the yard with it.
Yan Ying’s previous residence is of course more graded and the area is much larger. Adding more rooms is suitable for Chen Yan to make wine and refine medicine.
At noon, Wen Chouchou personally delivered Feng Yin to the door.
Wen Chouchou made a embarrassed gesture with a smile on his face and said, "Manager Chen is really sorry. Someone left out your name when paying the salary before. Wang has checked the truth. I have severely punished him. Now I will send you the salary and give you more than 320 silver as compensation."
Ulrich took the silver sneer at a way "gave more than thirty taels of silver? Hehe, it’s very generous of manager Wen. I don’t know the name of the person who left my name out. Who lives and works in heaven? "
Wen Chouchou face a stiff smile.
Chen Yanxiao said, "Can’t you answer it? Manager Wen, there are some things that we all know well. There is no need to play these tricks. Ok, I have received it from you. Go home. "
Wen Chouchou embarrassed smile "yes, yes, I’ll leave now and don’t delay manager Chen’s work"
With silver, it is easy to handle affairs.
Arihiko bought a lot of materials to engrave the law. It took three days to finally decorate the law in daoist magic. This time Arihiko didn’t decorate the law outside the court, but inside.
From the outside, the courtyard is not amazing, but when it comes to the room, it gives people the feeling that every design and layout of the other side of the world is knowledgeable and meticulous
Chen Yan’s present level has achieved the ultimate terrain, environment and popularity of daoist magic array, and achieved harmony and unity.
The fly in the ointment is that we still can’t achieve the real "harmony between man and nature"
It is said that Chen Yan’s mood and repair are still a little poor.
I have to say that Duanlang is really a martial arts wizard.
Chen Yan casually replied that he mastered the physical strength to sweep the floor in a few days.
When the whole body strength will be twisted into a sweep to some unaccustomed.
But to get used to sweeping the floor is equivalent to exercising, which makes the kung fu of breaking the waves iron cloth shirt improve rapidly and the working speed increase a lot. Before, it took five hours to finish the work every day, but now it takes four hours to break the waves.
When you squeeze out, break the waves to practice boxing.
Break the waves and come to Chen Yan’s new home
Seeing the beautiful layout in the room and breaking the waves, I thought that it was not Master Ru’s layout. But to recognize the potential to live in such a new house.
Thinking of breaking the waves here, I am more determined to get ahead and gain a position of power.
"Master" broke the waves and respectfully said to Ulrich.
Chen Yan said, "It’s right to break the waves and practice hard, but there is a premise that you can’t go beyond your physical limit, otherwise your body will definitely leave a dark wound and practice martial arts. More importantly, you should pay attention to the fact that I have prepared some medicinal liquor for you. When you take it back to take a bath, pour a small cup of bath water to invigorate qi and blood and strengthen bones and muscles."
Breaking the waves, he held the jar in his arms and said, "Thank you, Master."
Chen Yan said, "Don’t practice boxing tonight, have a good rest to relax your muscles and bones, and go to Nie Feng when you get back and ask him to come to my place. I have something to find him."

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