When it’s time to fight for it, you should be firm. If you don’t show your school, how can you see that you have the courage to be the president of the student union?

What, you other ministers really won’t take the lead?
After the start of school, the president will select this new student reception activity, and the school will give it to you ministers to test your ability.
No one is stupid. How do you know that others are not ready when you’re’ keeping your place’? Why should they reveal their plans to your mother?
Sister Xing Xue, it’s too late for you to react after other ministers attack! "
Xu Taotao is telling the truth. If you don’t behave when it’s time to behave, you can do it again. No one has seen a fart. Who will watch your show?
Chapter five hundred and thirty-seven For
Xing Xuehong’s eyes flashed with excitement with three drawings in his hand.
She praised, "Xu Xuemei really thought that Zhou’s three pictures were good. In this case, you should go to the sponsor’s joint printing factory and start printing. I’ll go to the teaching office and tell Miss Mei about the situation."
The position of chairman has been vacant since the resignation of the president of the student union.
Ms. Mei, the teacher in the teaching department, is in charge of the students’ affairs for the time being. She arranged all the work, and now she has to ask for instructions on everything.
Xing Xuehong, this pair of forced Xu Taotao, no matter whether she is going to take credit or what, she doesn’t express her opinion.
Anyway, she is just taking what Xing Xuehong wants.
But …
Xu Taotao stopped, turned around and hurried to go. Xing Xuehong said, "It’s not urgent for the punishment senior to print in advance. I think it’s not too late to wait for the Western Province Meat Factory to sign the sponsorship contract with the school."
Xing Xuehong is unhappy with "signing a contract?"
"Look at what you said, which factory’s money is blown by the wind. If you don’t sign the contract, then if one of the two sides doesn’t recognize the factory’s money or the school’s side doesn’t recognize the sponsor’s identity, how embarrassing it will be. Who dares to deny the punishment in black and white, senior? This is double insurance, which is beneficial to both sides."
Xu Taotao said that it is straightforward not to sign a contract and not to pay for it.
Xing Xuehong calm face don’t talk.
She could have taken a sum of money from the sponsorship factory for nothing and then made the freshman reception activities prosperous so that the school could see her ability.
When the student congress is held, her chances of running for president of the student union will be higher.
But now the other party wants to sign a contract with the school.
She frowned. "This is too exciting. I’m afraid Miss Mei won’t agree with Xu Taotao. Can you help me tell the other party that our Huada reputation will guarantee you that the school will recognize the sponsorship contract?"
She didn’t say that she didn’t want to introduce Miss Mei.
Xu Taotao smiled calmly, but he couldn’t see this one more.
Is it that Miss Mei won’t agree or you don’t want to agree?
Do you return the reputation guarantee of Huada to the school?
You are the head of the student union’s outreach department, but you are not even the president of the student union, let alone a teacher of Huada or a staff member. What qualifications do you have to vouch for Huada?
Want money for activities but don’t want to take responsibility
It’s beautiful to run the event together. Why don’t you take the credit and get away with it if you screw it up?
There is no such thing as beauty in this world
Xu Taotao hooked his lips and then a face of nai "punishment elder sister, it’s hard for you. There are factory rules and regulations. The payment sheet is for the factory director to approve and give you so many sponsorships. What’s going on? Although you are a foreign language professional, you should know something."
The contract must be signed.
If you don’t say goodbye, Xing Xuehong is utilitarian but unwilling to take responsibility. Xu Taotao thinks this woman can rebel at any time.
The contract is about a rope for both parties. She wants this rope to tie Xing Xuehong.
But Xing Xuehong has her own dispute.
She wants to get some money to sponsor her to finish the new receptionist beautifully, and where does the money come from?
Signing the contract will cause a lot of trouble. If anything happens, she will be responsible.
It’s not cost-effective for Xing Xuehong to take a sponsorship and hesitate to cross it.
At the same time, she also has some to conceal her dislike of Xu Taotao.
Xing Xuehong droops his eyelids.
Chapter five hundred and thirty Sponsors
[Host, is this woman sick? You just reported it today, and you pulled a sponsorship for her. What did she do to you? 】
Unified irate way
Tong is a naive, stupid, cute little girl who doesn’t understand the adult world.
Xu Taotao sighed [I am probably too good and she is jealous of me]
It is rare for the system not to wrangle [this reason makes sense]
Mei teacher listened to his face and nodded his head, no longer noting Xu Taotao.
Xing Xuehong pretended to be careless and moved to block her in front of Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao Hey, I’m so grumpy!
Some people struggle in society, that is, Xu Taotao doesn’t intend to mix with the student union, otherwise Xing Xuehong can fly with one foot and two feet.
Small movements are too bad for the table.
Xing Xuehong gave an impassioned talk to Miss Mei about the sponsor’s plan to do a good job as a freshman receptionist.
In the process, she realized several times that she was racking her brains to run the receptionist well.
And she will graduate in one year, and this year, her younger brothers and sisters will be her last reception.
In particular, this is the first session of college students with high gold content after the resumption of the college entrance examination. She believes that the school attaches so much importance to student union workers, and it is even more important not to be sloppy. Freshmen receptionists must be prosperous.
After listening to her speech, Miss Mei was very satisfied.
"Xiaoxing, you have a heart. It’s really good to pull the sponsorship method. Schools and enterprises are satisfied with the needs of new students, and there is light in the school’s face.
Since this suggestion is made by you, you will be responsible for this new receptionist. Well, hurry back and write a plan for me. Lilisoso will be a big army when it comes to days. "
Teacher Mei must have been ordered again. Xing Xuehong, the head of the new receptionist, was so excited that he was like a chicken blood.
She said, "Miss Mei, don’t worry, I promise to finish the work!"
Xu Taotao stretched out a finger and poked his face forward.
Hurry up and waste the contract. What are you talking about
Xing Xuehong was poked back, and she stared back at Xu Taotao with displeasure.
"Miss Mei, the sponsor asked to sign a contract."
Xing Xuehong bit his lip unwilling unwilling way
Who knows that Teacher Mei is easy to talk to? "This should be arranged at noon. You bring people here and I will sign with them."
"By the way, I haven’t asked which unit in the capital is sponsoring the new student receptionist in our school?" Miss Mei asked casually.
Xing Xuehong one leng she looked Xu Taotao consciousness.

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