Don’t underestimate the influence of Captain Rogers in the Extraordinary World. When the news of Captain Rogers’ death came out, a series of extraordinary giants in the Extraordinary World, such as wizards, magicians, alchemists, etc., felt in public that Captain Rogers would have a little guidance and there would be an extra giant in the Extraordinary World within 30 years.

The extraordinary world believes in the basis of force and admires those people with good qualities even if they are ordinary people.
After Sharon finished, she heard the words Italian royal family. Alice looked up and frowned and asked, "Italian royal family Voltu? How could they? "
Vampires, the Italian royal family, Voltu, abide by the principle that vampires should not expose this line, and whoever dares to cross the line will die.
Sharon shook her head and said, "I don’t know. Later, when my aunt came back from Hogwarts, she told my mother Holly that it was said that the Voltu family had been attacked and humiliated by a guy with a humanoid natural disaster in the extraordinary world and robbed them of their sacred objects. My aunt smiled and rejected the invitation of the Voltu royal family."
Sharon’s words fall
Mark, who sat first, unconsciously touched his nose and lowered his head.
Always listening to Sharon, Alice and others instantly turned their eyes to Ma, who had already shown signs of getting up.
Although the daughters didn’t speak, they were better than others at this time.
Mark looked up and smiled. "What are you looking at me for? It’s the Voltu royal family. I beat the linen cloth and wrapped it in baby cloth. I took it. Don’t you already know? "
Alice had a strange expression.
Kate pursed her lips and shook her head at Mark and said, "No, I think Alice, what they mean is, when did you become a natural disaster?" By the way, haven’t you always boasted that you are a member of the neutral chaos camp? The human-shaped natural disaster is not a neutral camp, it is a naked evil camp. "
Mark suddenly replied grumpily, "God knows how this title got to my head. Think that when I flew back from the end of the Eastern Country, a bunch of old people tried to ban me from entering the country."
"… and then?"
"No, then I came back."
"It’s that simple?"
"Of course," Mark glanced at the name of the old gang and made a fuss. Lill said simply, "Killing can’t kill me, and I can’t imprison a bunch of old gang dishes. I feel humiliated and left."
Killing and imprisoning are definitely not for Mark. After all, Jiumei was still surrounded by colorful light. What sorcerer’s curse, sorcerer’s curse and forbidden alchemy means? Stop it. How can we collide when we are all different?
At that time, those old guys didn’t dare to kill makemake. If you don’t say goodbye when you die, the marine daughter will go crazy …
Daughters still look at each other.
Mark quickly changed the subject to Sharon and said, "Now, has Ms. Carter considered how to reverse the time? Captain Rogers is back. Captain Rogers has extraordinary world prestige and personally went to Hogwarts. Presumably, Bai Hu will invite people from the family wizard dimension and the witch dimension to join hands with Ms. Carter to cast a spell to reverse Ms. Carter’s time. "
Sharon’s eyes shine.
This is something she has never heard before. After meeting Captain Rogers this time, she can make up for their lost years with Captain Rogers. Aunt Carter may reconsider the Italian royal olive branch.
After listening for so long, Captain Rogers couldn’t help but ask, "Where is Hogwarts?"
Compared with Captain Rogers, who spent the longest time in the extraordinary world, Alice frowned slightly and said, "The three giants, the magician, the wizard and the witch, joined hands to cast the spell? How come I have never heard of it? "
Mark laughed. "Of course you don’t know every day in high school."
Alice gave Mark a dirty look directly.
But then again, being able to go to high school year after year also says one thing. Alice can keep her appearance for twenty years.
Alice couldn’t help smiling at this thought.
Mark then looked at Captain Rogers and said, "Of course, there is this entrance guard curse. It is estimated that even you don’t know how many faces there are in your extraordinary world. If you go to that London gossip, the success rate of this matter is already 10%."
This door is called "Reversing the Years" or was accidentally seen in Mark’s family wizard library.
When the former spell was just created, it was more of a high-level spell than a spell.
But still that sentence.
Times change
The main reason why the former spell is not a forbidden spell is that wizards, wizards and witches have not separated.
it is said
However, it is said that the creator of this spell is a magician, a wizard and a witch. Some magicians, wizards and witches who can’t stand the scrutiny to create this spell are the three mountain bosses.
Later, due to various things that I didn’t remember, the three families were completely divided. To be precise, it was one in two.
Wizards settled in England, while witches and wizards joined hands to carve up other parts of the West.
According to mark’s speculation at the time,
The reason why wizards and witches parted ways is easy to speculate.
It must be that when this spell was created, the wizard and witch had a love affair, which led to the separation of the wizard’s plasma and wall.
Since its creation, this gate has never used a higher spell, and it has been upgraded to a forbidden spell by three schools …
Poor magician
Mark was silent for three seconds.
It is said through the grapevine that wizards and witches were a couple before this spell was born, but after the spell came out, witches and wizards came together.
Jesus Christ
Isn’t the magician’s head green?
However, it also confirms many things. When wizards and witches were hunted all over the world, from ruin, a magician, was busy building his own dimension in Britain.
Once again, you mourn for the poor Mr. Magician.
The banquet ended in a hurry.
Rogers’s heart is probably flying to London at the moment, and Mark also made a personal gesture and sent the guests away.
soon afterwards
Mark glanced at the girl who was protected by the daughters and smiled and walked towards the backyard.
Kate asked, "Why are you going?"
Mark waved his hand without looking back and said, "Drink too much and sleep for a while."
Kate, daughters, and Leslie "…"

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